My first shawl...

A shawl seemed like the perfect thing to put over my shoulders when I got out of bed on Winter nights to feed Cohen. So I started on Eva's Shawl, found on Ravelry.
Well, back in August I was still a crocheting beginner. I had only just mastered the art of granny square and may have been a bit ambitious trying a shawl. How frustrating is it when you want to make something and cannot? Since then I have been slowly practicing, learning new stitches and most importantly, how to read patterns.
Yesterday I started on the shawl again and while rereading the pattern realized that what I had missed last time was the word 'corresponding.' Now, with yarn from Clare, the shawl is coming together.
And while I expect that hubby may raise an eyebrow and question my Nana style once more, and even though Cohen doesn't feed often in the night now, I know that any time I throw this shawl around my shoulders I am going to be so proud of it and comforted by it, knowing that I made it.

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