Sewing boxes...

The first sewing box I ever owned was a birthday gift from my parents when I was a little girl. The second was a gift to my Grandfather from someone he worked with many years ago and which my mother gave to me. The third I found while thrifting and I wonder at its history.
And this is the fourth, my parents gave me yesterday, which was my Grandmothers.
It is a beautiful pink and white woven sewing box, lined in a pale pink satiny fabric with little faux pearls instead of buttons. It was filled with old hand embroidered hankies she had been saving, some still wrapped in their original plastic.

I remember that Grandma had a little sewing room off the dining room in her old house. There was a small cupboard and lots of drawers. There we old jam jars with rusty lids full of old tape measures, pins and buttons. Things tied with lengths of stocking. Large heavy scissors hanging up on hooks. My sister and I used to love sneaking in to the sewing room just to look at everything, but I don't remember seeing this old sewing box in there.


I have finished the shawl, all but weaving in the ends and will show you soon.

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