Teething and stitching...

Getting teeth and cutting down to one nap a day are hard work, for both Cohen and myself. And it seems a few things have taken a back seat as we move through this phase in his development and work on keeping a happy baby and a happy mother.

My usual craft time has been spent quietly without a project to work on since finishing the doll quilt and the shawl - which I am still trying to get some photos of. I have added a few stitches to Cohen's giant granny square, but felt I needed a new little project that I could finish quickly to regain my craft mojo.

I sat down last night with the 'Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Knitting and Crochet', Circa 1972, and browsed the selection of stitches. I started working a fine grey alpaca scarf using single, double and triple crochet with a double fan running through the middle.
I think it will be quite nice to start Winter with a new scarf for myself.

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