Flea Market Finds...

I do love the look of these rather old recipe booklets. Look at the lass gracing the cover! The red lipstick, the pin curls, the spotty dress. Gorgeous!
These lovely little booklets are full of yummy recipes for keeping your family sweet created by the Simpson Bros. self raising flour company. They are a little slice of history too. The foreword in the one below explains that the book is not as elaborate as in past years due to the war, however the recipes have been "prepared with full understanding of rationing difficulties and general scarcities". Fascinating isn't it?
The introduction on the pre-war books is delightful,
"Rich is the family that possesses a good and loving cook. Rich, too, is the cook, for she has in her hands and her heart the means of spreading happiness and content. If truth be told she is the most important person in the world. She is the only person who can turn a house in to a home. All men and children bow down to her and worship her. To her is dedicated this annual collection of recipes for adding to the joy of life."
I am off to go to do some baking and prepare myself for the worshiping to begin.
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