Flea Market Finds...

Last weekend while we were away we visited the Lifeline Bookfest and supported the charitable organisation while filling our bags and our bookshelves.
On the Sunday books were sold by the full environmental bag for $5.
I loaded my bag up with classic Penguins - among them works from F Scott Fitzgerald, Herman Hesse and Iris Murdoch who are among my favorites.
I couldn't resist some lovely old hard cover books and vintage Penguins to add to my collection, as well as children's books, music scores, plays and poetry.
I love the designs of these old book covers.
This one is on the upside down Shelly book above. It's it just plain sweet.
I can imagine some lovely fabric made with these repeats.
Ahhh... books. They make the world a better place do they not?
After all, "The reading of all good books in like conversations with the finest men of the past centuries." - Descartes
More flea market finds here.

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