I need a skein machine...

Being fairly new to all things wool related I realised last night just how much I have to learn. I brought this amazing skein of wool from etsy and waited with great anticipation for it to arrive so I could start my next project. My wool-know-how friend informed me that I couldn't start without first winding the skein into a ball.
Right. No worries. Sounds easy.
It took several hours last night, of me swearing like a sailor, to untangle the skein and wind it into this ball. Goggle helped with directions but I fail to believe that some people find winding a skein into a ball by hand 'calming'. I was loosing my calm a little more with each turn of the ball and each new knot.
Please never allow me to purchase a skein ever again. I don't care how beautiful the wool is. Winding it takes years off my life.
Unless of course I have a swift... surely that would be really easy?
A little more help from my photography assistant.
PS. Don't forget about the giveaway.

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