Stitchy comfort...

While Cohen pulled as many things as he could out of the linen cupboard the cat came to investigate. Cohen turned his attention to a cat chase and took off after the cat and fell over and started crying. Mummy picked up her baby boy as he flung his arms back and upset a glass in the process. The glass spilt its contents over the laptop.
And that was the end of the laptop.
We are waiting to see what can be retrieved off the hard drive.
A friend has leant us her old laptop while we try to decide between purchasing another laptop or a desktop.
Any suggestions are welcome.
I have been crocheting away on Cohen's vest and am really enjoying see it take shape.
A little something came in the mail from the Bendigo Woolen Mills today and helped cheer me up.
Thank you for the lovely comments about our cabinet and the tutorial. It is always great to find an inbox full of sweet emails.

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