Easter at Awoonga..

We have spent the last three days camping out with my lovely parents on the banks of Lake Awoonga. Our tent was pitched beneath a mango tree in the Boynedale Bush Camp, only a few meters from the water. While the boys were out fishing for barramundi I had time to sit and crochet while watching as the sky and water change colours with the day.
Dave did catch a 109cm barramundi and two others got the better of him, while I got most of a shawl finished in between playing with Cohen and going for walks. It was difficult at times camping with a one year old. Especially a teething one who isn't fond of wearing hats. But with the help of my family I still found it all wonderfully relaxing. We came home tired after the 8 hour drive and yet I feel refreshed and ready to start working on a few new things...

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