Congratulations Fiona!

We drove into the mountains, past windmills alive with rust, past natives swaying in the breeze as if to song, past dilapidated farm buildings more akin to a giants pile of pick up sticks than the sheds they had once been. We drove into the day and the next day we drove into the night. We drove with the mountain in our rear view mirror, heavy drops of rain assaulting the windshield while stars peered at themselves in the puddles.
And so we went, and so we would have gone anywhere, in celebration of my remarkable sister.
My sister graduated from her Masters degree, standing proudly in hat and gown again.
I have so much admiration for her achievements. The journey of her study has been a difficult road to travel at times. One can't take leave of life to concentrate on study. Life goes on. And it is the way that Fiona has handled life, her studies and herself that has been a constant inspiration for me. Congratulations my twin.
May the road to your Doctorate be smoother dear sister.
Photos: Leaves in the concrete in the parking lot, French Feves from my sister and her sweet mother in law Clare, Moda cross stitch sampler fabric found at the Toowoomba craft markets, flowers and bees in Clare's garden.

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