Pin cushion swap...

Yesterday I cut, pinned and stitched until I heard the mail man linger at my mail box and joy leaped a little in my heart.

Three envelopes, one package and one magazine.

Cushion sewing abandoned.
Jodi made a knitted pincushion for me, as part of Kate's pin cushion swap. As a very novice knitter I am left marveling at Jodi's piece and unable to guess how she created it.

Jodi was also really thoughtful with the little presents that accompanied the pin cushion and I was really delighted to find a feed sack in with the fabric and pins.

Feed sack count now: 3.
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Also in the mail and quickly being flicked through amongst the sewing, Frankie magazine.
Filled with lots of lovely bits and pieces, like Catherine Campbell's drawing and a tutorial from Pip.

Cushion sewing still sitting on dining table.

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