Mount Tamborine...

Rather than spend Labour day at the beach we decided to drive up Tamborine Mountain and take ourselves along the gallery walk. As luck would have it, at the top of the mountain we spotted signs for a craft fair and made our way there. Surely I was meant to go?!

We stopped for lunch nearby and I have to tell you, I was served a slice of salmonella in a wrap of undercooked chicken. I declined a replacement wrap and left $10 lighter, disappointed and still hungry.
Thank goodness for bakeries.
A lovely old cottage on top of the mountain.
The weather was beautiful and quite a crowd was gathered at the craft extravaganza. Dave was not very keen on looking at the craft and he and Cohen played in the leaves while I made my way into the hall.

There were teddies, sachets of lavender, pincushions and baskets, brooches, bags, beads and dolls, all with an old country feel. There were lovely older ladies ready to talk craft, children buying gifts for mothers day and men raising money for the rural fire brigade.
And lots of little tables displayed with handmade treasure.

From there we made our way to the antique shops. More photos to come.

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