Mount Tamborine II...

We stopped in at two antique shops in Mount Tamborine, which you go straight past as you reach the top of the mountain. This would be by far my favorite antique store at the moment, Felicity's Vintage and Cafe (I cannot find a website). There is a funny little beer bar next door to drop the boys off at to give you time for a good wander.
The rooms of the house are used to display the collection of antiques, while the balcony is home to the cafe seating. There are so many lovely pieces here and if not to buy, then to admire. There were things that I recognised from my parents collections and others that I have at home, there were two jars half full of wooden spools and I picked out four reels to come home with me.
There were some lovely and pricier antiques in this store a couple of shops down the road. The front rooms of the house are filled with more serious antiques and then, strangely, the middle of the room is filled with shiny new handbags.
We drove home via Canungra and marveled at the views as we made our way back down the mountain.
All in all it was a lovely day in the mountains.

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