I love op-shopping...

I did a spot of op-shopping yesterday and came away with a Cue knit sweater for $12. I tried it on in the change room with an over-it toddler beside me who was ready to go home and quickly paid for it and left. What I didn't see in the poor lightening of the change room, or as I quickly paid for the sweater, was the ink stain below the shoulder. It looks as if the previous owner attempted to remove the stain and then gave up on it and donated it to the op-shop. Luckily for me.
I checked the combined knowledge of the internet and it seems that hairspray is the answer for removing Biro stains. But I, not being brave enough to risk ruining the knit with a whole lot of hair spray, decided on a cover up instead.
Much better and more 'me' I think.
Bring on the cooler weather.

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