Buyster offered me the chance to choose a product from one of their stores to review here on my blog. I browsed the isles of their virtual store and found just the thing.
I chose the Andre Verdier Laguiole knife set, as we have been wanting to replace our old set once we found something we liked. They arrived a couple of days ago and I have been testing them out ever since. They can cut homemade pizza and sticky macadamian brownies like nobodies business.
I love the shape and the colour of the knives, they have such a vintage feel to them. They are the kind of all purpose knife that makes me feel like I could cut steak, go camping and serve the Queen without worry. They came packaged in a wooden box and delivered by TNT. Buyster's service was great and the time between order and delivery was quick.
I am thinking now that I need the rest of the set...

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