This is the layout for the hexagons. I am working towards a queen sized quilt, entirely hand stitched and made from 1930's reproduction fabrics.
The green fabric surrounding the flowers was a Spotlight purchase and I am rather nervous that I've not brought enough of it now and of course I cannot find any more of it at my local store.
Can I ask a favor? If you see some in your local store or have some you care to part with could you send me an email? I'm happy to pay for the fabric and the postage of course.
The fabric I am looking for is "Antique Treasures" Patt, 9837. Maybe there is a Spotlight out there that still has a meter or two of it?
Thanks for your help.
EDIT: Thanks for your comments lovely ladies. I sent Spotlight an email from their site inquiring as to whether they have any of the fabric left in stock, but I thought it worth while putting the word out in blogland too, just in case.

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