Hello Winter.
I have really noticed you lately, especially in the mornings and evening.
Cold noses, cold fingers and slippered feet.
Cold water running so much longer before the hot kicks in.
The steam when I boil the kettle.
Porridge, brown sugar and warm milk.
The search for the perfect soup.
I have noticed too that the red leaves little the ground now, the vine waiting on the fence.
The peach tree has a few confused flowers.
I do love you Winter.
I love how you make blankets and cardigans so appealing.
I love how a hug becomes a snuggle when it's cold.
I love how the throw on the lounge becomes a blanket now too.

Despite some warm days, it feels like Winter is really here and I am looking forward to more snuggling, more cardigan wearing and more hot food.
What do you enjoy about Winter?

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