I finished the Michele Mak crochet cardigan yesterday. It was such a quick project, taking only three days to complete.
I was worried that the cardigan wasn't going to fit Cohen, but it does, just. It is a snug fit across the shoulders and around his little milk tummy. The arm sleeves are a little too long too. All of which could be adjusted next time around. I wasn't very keen on the colour. The wool is lovely and soft and was given to me to make a jacket for Cohen, so I forged ahead.
However my husband has asked me to promise him that it is only an around the house item, not to be worn in public. I was feeling quite pleased with myself having finished it and asked hubby if he liked it when he got home from work.
The response?
"You've put a lot of work into that, haven't you?"
"Well, yes, but do you like it?'
"A lot of work..."
Goodness me. I have made bad craft haven't I? I am guilty of crimes against craft and I couldn't even see it! Even Cohen wouldn't let me take a decent photo of him in it.
Oh dear... I may never crochet again.

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