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You may know that I am not a knitter. My Mum taught me how to knit and purl when I was a child, possibly during inclement weather on one of our long holidays at the beach. It was a little tricky, her being left handed, me being right. A few scarfs latter and I still haven't made much progress on the knitting front. But I am determined to try.

This is about my twelfth attempt at casting on 52 stitches and knitting simple ribbing. Cohen has successfully removed at least two attempts from the needles. The double strand of yarn has accounted for a few failures. As has the ribbing pattern itself. Why knew you had to alternate each stitch on the following row?

Now that I have the ribbing accomplished I need to practice my increasing. The only problem is, when you increase on a row of ribbing, do you do a purl increase or a knit increase? Does that even make sense?
This might take awhile.
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