My Creative Space...

I thought I would share with you my creative space for making jewellery.

The bench is a study desk converted by my father to the right height, with shelves and tray added. The drawers are filled with abrasive papers, files, mandrels, polishing compounds, drill bits, calipers, scales and the like. To the right of my bench is another bench which houses my rolling mill, grinder and pickle pot.
Clockwise from top - vintage medicine cabinet storage, inspiration wall, pencils, hammers, the grey box hanging up is a flexi drive (like a dremel, but the motor is not in the hand piece), seat, tray, solder, files, bench peg, soldering station, pliers, torch, lamp, iriver. Unlike my sewing room, I never leave my bench messy. It is wonderful to sit down at a clean bench ready to create.
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