The problem with my local post office is that it is just about next door to an op-shop. The problem with that op-shop is that there are two more op-shops in walking vicinity of it. The problem with having three op-shops in walking distance is that you are always bound to find something. I think that is a nice problem to have though.

The only other problem is that I brought another blanket, and we all know how much I really need another blanket...

Is it just me, or is this crochet snowflake motif kinda cool? And the colors are cool too, sort of, right?

It was one of those finds where you are standing there inspecting it and wondering if your taste is really off. Yes, you love thrifting, yes, you love crochet, but there is such a thing as bad crochet, and you have already been responsible for bad crochet yourself. Can you be trusted? Should you buy it? Will you husband divorce you if he notices you've brought another blanket home? Or should you pay the ten dollars, tuck the blanket under the pram and keep walking?
Thank you to the lovely Evie and Lexi for mentioning my jewellery on their blogs. You guys rock!

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