On a recent op-shopping adventure my sister and I were taking note of the lovely and thoughtful people. It was raining as we got Cohen out of the car and into the pram. We waited in the rain, in front of the car, to walk across the car park to the shops. Two cars drove past us, a third, driven by an elderly gentleman, stopped and waved for us to cross. We smiled and waved as we ran across to the other side. An act of kindness like this really makes my day. Thank goodness for lovely people!

Someone holding the door for you, someone letting you in front of them in the grocery line when you only have a few items, someone picking up something your child has dropped, someone acknowledging your grumpy toddler with a smile. For me, they make up for those times when someone pushes in front of me in a cue, someone drives past me as I wait in the rain or someone one cuts me off in traffic.

Another thoughtful and lovely person gave me these doilies from her collection when she found out that I have quite a soft spot for them. Aren't they beautiful? 

Have you experienced any acts of kindness from strangers lately? Or perhaps you have been a kind stranger?

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