It's hard to find the words. I wish to remain respectful of the family, as well as making mention of my own experiences this past week. So I will keep it brief.

It's been a most difficult and emotional time. It's been so hard to comes to terms with such loss. The shock, the denial, the tentative acceptance. I've spent hours going back through my diaries, through my sketch books and the drawings I've kept from our University days together, reading our recent emails; as a way of reliving happy moments together and celebrating a wonderful life. I've spent hours thinking, writing, talking with his friends and family. The burden of grief seems a little lighter when it is shared in this way. And I've seen the love I feel is shared by those who knew him.

The service helped remind me that though life will never be the same, their is hope and meaning in the future. I held Cohen closer. I reached out to old friends. And I found a little bit of peace to cling to.

My thanks to those who have been so supportive and compassionate. Your comments, emails and phone calls have meant a great deal.


Each year in Australia approximately two thousand people take their own life, 80% of those are males.


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