My dearest darling Cohen, 

Happy second birthday my sweet little man. 

That old time flying adage continues to prove true. It was never truer until you came into our lives. Watching you grow and learn has been a whole new way for us to keep track of time. Each passing day marks a mile stone, small or large, something to hold in our memories. The first time you said 'more', the first time you climbed all the way to the top of the slide by yourself, the first time you counted to three. To me, it is the most wonderful calender conceived. 

This past year has brought so much joy to all those who love you. And your Daddy and I feel so very grateful to be a part of that journey every day. Each morning you greet us with your lovely babbling and you serenade me during the day with your 'songs'. You love to dance, head bopping, arms banging or body swaying. Music always makes you smile. You would also happily live in the bath if we let you, you are such a water baby. I cherish your bath times as an uninterrupted chance to connect on even the most stressful of days. While you love to splash and measure, pour and drink, and run your hands through the bubbles in the bath water, always looking to us, to make sure we're watching and a part of it all.

Oh, and the things you get up to sometimes my dear boy! From dragging over your little seat so you could turn on the hot plate, to drawing on the walls with crayon. Jumping on the bed giggling, until you fall off. Trying to sit on the cat and the dog, or use them as your pillow, much to their annoyance. You are full of life and love and curious as a cat yourself, without a shred of fear. And should things not go your way, your not adverse to throwing yourself on the floor for a quiet tantrum, or else throwing whatever it is you don't want. Sometimes it is so amusing that I struggle not to smile.

We are so lucky and so blessed. And while always one to shy from cliches, there are so many apt ones since your arrival. I have never loved so much. I have never felt so protective. And I have never felt as selfless, as being a mother has made me. 

You will always be our baby and we will always love you. My big two year old.

Your loving mother.


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