Taking a leaf out of Pip's book...
(and Pepper and Katie's too)

My Perfect Life

I go for radioiodine treatment today and I'm nervous

I will be radioactive and my thyroid function should be 'destroyed'
I can't pick Cohen up for three days
As a precaution, because of the radiation
I cleaned the fridge on Thursday and now it's fully stocked
Dave is cooking the next three nights and looking after me
So is my sister and my Mum
Well, they are looking after Cohen while Dave is at work
Since I can't pick him up, hug him or kiss him
Life has to go on

Another coffee would be nice
I wrapped the Christmas presents while Cohen napped yesterday
I kept myself occupied by sewing gifts
I should stop looking at new wool and get back to my sisters blanket
There are things where they are not meant to be 
But they are nice things
My yard is loving all this rain
We have new neighbors
There are how many sleeps until Christmas?
The beds are made
I've been listening to Josh Pyke and Mumford and Sons
I don't tend to eat breakfast lately, so I am always starving by lunch time
I've been thinking about blogging A Week Of... something
Red nail polish on my toes is my favorite
Or sometimes grey or black
There are flowers on the table
We do not have chickens
We do not have wall paper either
I really like both those things too. Next house?
We do have a big dog and an old cat
We also have walls, which Cohen drew on with crayon yesterday
After dinner the other night I wondered if I couldn't just live off Singapore Noodles forever
I went to the Art Gallery with my sister on Saturday and it was fun
We always have fun together
It's good to be a twin
I want some stripy flats
And they could have a bow on them
My coffee is always cold by the time I get to the bottom
I worry if I don't answer the phone in time just in case it was important
I love making enough food for dinner that I have lunch the next day
Is that lazy?
I have so many jewellery design ideas in my head
I'll be trying to spend my three days of isolation being creative
I can't wait to go away on our holidays
Three days staying on a working dairy farm
My husband surprised me with a Frankie subscription
I only found out when the magazine arrived in the mail
I love my husband and I love Frankie
My sister knew about it and didn't tell me
We're not usually good at surprises
I am watching DVD's my sister lent me when I get the chance
I also love my sister
And that's my list

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