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'Ribby Pattern' from this book.

So many creative things seem to have been happening around here of late. I have been feeling so very inspired. The kind of inspired where I find myself laying awake at night because of a swirl of exciting ideas. The kind where I need to bring a notebook with me at all times to jot down notes or sketches. The kind I try to make the most of, because I know it won't last forever and I can never be sure when it's going to return. That's where I find all those notes come in handy!

I've been trying to put those ideas to good use. New crafty projects, new pieces for the shop, my first ever newsletter. (Which you can sign up for in the left column. Yay!) It's also got me thinking about the workings of inspiration and wondering, do you have bouts of inspiration like this too? Do you keep a sketchbook or a journal? When you're lacking inspiration, what do you find helps? When do you do your best work? 

I'd love for you to share some of your creative process and thoughts on inspiration. 


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