The lovely Melissa and Kate have both been encouraging and inspiring me to pick up the knitting needles. The beautiful clothes they knit have elicited many a jealous sigh. I just love the look and feel of hand knits and have seen so many lovely patterns, but I have always doubted my ability to 'knit'.

Like many, I learnt knit and purl stitches as a child. My mother did very well to teach me, given that she is left handed and I right. Armed with those stitches I added several scarves to my knitting credit and have even accomplished the cable stitch. But the language of knitting still seemed intimidating. The 'psso', 'tbl' and even 'tog's of the knitting vocabulary were so foreign and confusing. I would start a project several times and never get it right. And after unraveling it for the umpteenth time I would abandon it and continue crocheting. One hook and one loop lead to lesser disasters.

Yet, by way of crocheting I have learnt to comprehend the dreaded abbreviations and decipher the reading of patterns. 

So here I am once again, determined to learn how to knit. Hopefully forearmed with more knowledge this time around and quietly anticipating a better outcome, having mastered the ribbing without unraveling once.

Time will tell.

Pattern: Boys V-neck Vest
Yarn: Moda Vera 'Gracious'

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