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It's been a productive week of bench work this week, with finished custom pieces, new stock and orders in progress. My new business cards and stickers also arrived, courtesy of Moo. Nothing like fun little packages and new business cards in the mail!

I've been knitting away, a little compulsively, each night. Anxious to have the back of the vest finished so I could make a start on the front, I've been staying up past my bedtime many nights of late. I followed the pattern and achieved my first ever 'shaping' in knitting. Exciting indeed. Intoxicated by my success, I then cast off too tightly, resulting in a curled edge. I do hope that stitching it together and blocking will remedy that? A reminder to myself that I am still learning. 

I have also begun another little project on the needles, this simple garter stitch jacket. Do you get the feeling my blog is transforming itself into a jewellery / knitting blog? I do hope you don't mind dear readers...


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