Rachel at Squiggly Rainbow has sweetly conferred upon me a Stylish Blogging award, which encourages me to list 7 things you may not know about me. 700+ posts makes it a little difficult to come up with seven things that you don't already know, or wouldn't find amidst my archives, but here goes...


You may know that I am an identical twin. My Mother, however, did not know that she was expecting twins until she woke up in hospital after the cesarean birth. She had been assured that she was only carrying a big baby. Imagine her surprise! My father insists that he is still trying to get over the surprise twenty nine years later.

I lived in the same house almost my entire childhood and never changed schools. Our suburban street ended abruptly with a barbed wire fence, behind which was a horse paddock. I have fond memories of feeding the horses after school, though the paddock is now a housing estate.


My Great Aunt and Uncle lived on the same street. My Great Uncle collected stamps and was a talented embroiderer. He would sit in his front yard most afternoons and wave as we walked past, or hand us old envelopes stuffed full of stamps from around the world. I kept them in an old biscuit tin.

When Dave and I were first dating we pulled out the back seat of his van, threw in a mattress, clothes and food and drove to Byron Bay. We stayed a week, driving to the beach each morning to watch the sun rise. It's where we fell in love and has a special place in our hearts as a result. Being sentimental fools at times, we were married on a beach in Byron and chose Cohen's middle name as one and the same.


Cohen and I have been crafting leafy decorations from his paintings in order to celebrate the new season. He points to the leaves and tells us wonderful 'stories' about them, in the sweet babbling way toddlers do.

We also found a large green caterpillar munching away on our Carmelia. We have built him a little home and hope to watch and learn as he eats his way towards becoming a moth or butterfly. We've ordered books on caterpillars from the library and found information online about keeping them. I'm not sure who is more excited about this project! It has become a whole family affair.

At school we were given silk worms and tadpoles to care for and observe. I think this style of hands on learning is really wonderful. My parents still have a colony of marsh frogs in their garden as a result.


Congratulations if you have gotten this far! The next part of my duty is to pass this award on to seven lovely bloggers and ask that they share seven facts or stories about themselves. (Though there is no obligation.)

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