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'I love deadlines. I love the wooshing sound they make as they fly by'. - Douglas Adams

After completing my first cabled cushion I immediately and enthusiastically cast on an even larger cabled cushion. For a swap no less. (I love that the tones in the wool tie in with the colours of my latest gem set piece.)

I've been reminded several times since casting on that I do not yet posses the necessary knitting skill to cable without ample concentration. And I have a two year old. Thus I have been flipping between Cohen-awake-knitting (a simple garter stitch cardigan requiring less concentration) and Cohen-asleep-knitting (the cabled cushion).

Stitch by stitch, progress is being made on both projects. I'm determined to have my cushion finished on time. Though I have a back up cushion planned to prevent any possible wooshing sound...
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