Ribbon flower tutorial...


My sister, Fiona, is not only a fabulous bibliophile with an assembly of university degrees, she is also in possession of numerous artistic and crafty talents. She has been crafting these simple and sweet vintage inspired ribbon flowers as part of her wedding decorations. Like anything, there are probably many different ways to make these flowers, but I was fascinated watching her make these today and wanted to share them with you.

You need only rummage through the kitchen draws and dash to the local craft shop, then settle yourself in front of a film or fire place and you are all set. Fiona has used 50cm lengths of ribbon, whose raw edges she carefully singed with a lighter, florists wire snipped in half and adorned with faux pearls (though buttons would work just as well) and a running stitch (either by hand or with a sewing machine) along the edge of the ribbon, which you pull tight to create the gatherings. She then twists the flower into shape and secures it with a few simple hand stitches underneath, before sliding the florist wire and pearl though the center and adding a drop of glue at the base of the pearl at the last moment. Thus creating sweet ribbon flowers that could be used as decorations, brooches or hair clips.

The wedding is not until September, but I promise to share photos from the big day. There will be many crafty and vintage delights to behold.


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