So many busy days of late, blurring one into another. 

Somewhere in there though, Cohen has named his cat softie 'Nana Cat'. 

He also carefully untied all the labelled tags I has just attached to the glass jars in the pantry. He then sat and watched as I retied them all, proudly pronouncing 'Ta-dah!' once I had finished. 

Cohen has also taken it upon himself to be responsible for feeding the cat, which means that several times a day the cats bowl is filled to the brim with biscuits. Our grumpy feline has found that the toddler may be useful to him after all.

Each morning Dave rises very early for work, while I stay warm beneath the blankets until Cohen wakes. The other morning though, I was tempted out into the crisp, dark morning to catch a glimpse of four planets, brightly peering out above the neighbours roof line.

So many little moments to put somewhere for safe keeping, to be rediscovered in the future.

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