Things that make lovely collections...

rua dos remédios

I love glimpsing other people's collections whether ordered or chaotic, of great expense or thrifted, new or old. You can imagine a great deal about a person by what they choose to collect.

To me, somethings that make for lovely collections are:

large preserving jars filled with vintage buttons
shelves covered in pretty tea cups and saucers
a handmade bowl full of seashells, found over many holidays
a wall of eclectic plates hanging randomly
a box of antique cigarette cards
vintage sewing baskets housing an array of wooden spools, carded buttons and fabric tape measures

What other things that make lovely collections would you add to the list? Leave a comment or link to your post each Saturday if you feel inclined to share. Or perhaps join in next Saturday with 'things that you love about the season'.

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