Precious excerpts from Cohen's book recently -

Today you made up your first song and sang it in the car as we drove up the mountains. It was especially lovely to hear you singing along and see you smiling away. And it kept you amused on the long drive.
Your song went - "Yes, yes, yes, no, no, no, moo, moo, moo, neigh, neigh, neigh, yeah, yeah, yeah." (Repeat x 100)

Each day you are learning at least two new words and constantly surprising me. But I must admit, those words that you don't get quite right, or that you have invented yourself, they are the ones that I find oh so cute. Even if I have the necessary job of interpreter when you're chatting to others.

Wai wai - water (took us awhile to work this one out)
Dopter - helicopter
Yah Yah - light saber (because of the noise you make when you wave it around)
Rah Rah - transformer mask (because you always 'Rah!' and pretend to scare us when you wear the mask)
Pop pop - juice, poppers, Pop Tops and also balloons, because they pop
Toast - any bread product is toast. Bread, muffins, crumpets. When we get to the bread aisle at the shops you always excitedly yell 'Toast Mama!'

Each night you climb onto the lounge with me, lay your head on my tummy and say "Bub bub."

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