Ten things I have learnt while renovating...




1. How ever long you think it will take, double it.

2. This principal also applies to the cost.

3. Be organised. Make lists. Talk things over. Imagine the space. Little things can get overlooked and become big problems, like the placement of a light switch. You don't want to have to walk to the wall furthest from the door to turn the light on.

4. Beware of hidden costs. For instance, in the quote we received for the plaster board, they failed to mention the $150 delivery fee, which was an unpleasant surprise.

5. Asbestos is best left to the pros. The long term affects to varying levels of exposure are still uncertain, but not worth the risk.

6. Spray for pests after painting, or the paint will void the effects of the paint. Unless you are trying to rid the ceiling of several ant colonies prior to applying the plasterboard.

7. Sometimes you will need three or four layers of undercoat. Grit you teeth and keep painting. Also, wait those two hours between coats. You WILL notice the difference.

8. Everybody has a friend who can get you something cheaper, be it paint, fittings or whatever. Take this with a grain of salt and budget for the normal price. And if you do get something cheaper smile and mentally use those savings to account for the afore mentioned $150 delivery fee.

9. Painting is like moving, no one wants to help.

10. Please refer to 1 and 2 again.

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