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Homemade Basil Pesto

Basil. It is the one herb that thrives wherever we live. Or perhaps, the one herb I'm yet to kill. Our first basil came without fanfare by way of a small potted plant from the supermarket. Unlike the other herbs purchased at the same time, it survived it's time on the window ledge - which Dave calls my ledge of death - and was planted out in a pot and eventually into our garden. We have never been short of basil for pizza or pasta since.

Recently, I accidentally grew several basil plants from seeds, in a pile of dirt Dave had put aside for a project. I'd tossed the picked seed heads onto the pile without a second thought. Totally neglected, those basil grew quickly with all the rain we've had lately. This weekend Dave started and has almost finished building a retaining wall and that pile of dirt is about to be called into use. Thus, I picked my wild basil and made basil pesto for the first time, using a mortar and pestle. Enough to refrigerate for the week and more in the freezer (the recipe is the same, minus the parmesan.)

Tonight I am looking forward to admiring our finished retaining wall, making fresh pasta to accompany the pesto and a salad with lettuce picked straight from the garden.

What have you been making, baking or cooking this weekend?

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