27 weeks pregnant

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37 weeks. The hospital bag is packed. And checked. And repacked. Our dreams and conversations drift constantly to the baby. The excitement is growing. Dave and I both are reminiscing about our time as new parents with Cohen too. We find ourselves in wonder at welcoming a new baby and becoming a family of four. I'm sure Cohen feels that the change is closer now too. He talks about the baby often and understands that he and I will be spending our first ever nights away from each other. Something I'm secretly not looking forward to.

Other than that, issues that have troubled me the last half of this pregnancy have been laid to rest and I feel at peace with them. I'm calm and waiting. Full of joy at the thought of a reunion with my twin sister, who arrives home today after her six week scholarship in Canberra. Though this may have to wait longer than anticipated, for her sake and mine, as the poor dear seems to be coming down with a cold and is feeling miserable. As much as I want to see my sweet sister, I'd rather avoid a cold at this late stage in my pregnancy. We shall have plenty of time together after the babies birth though, loving Aunt that she is. And she will have a chance to spend time with Cohen, who has grown so much these past six weeks, as she has been entrusted with babysitting while I'm in hospital.

I'm sure I'll be quite fed up with waiting within the next couple of weeks, but I just keep reminding myself, not long now.

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