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Double pointed needles

Part of the appeal crafting has for me, apart from the practical outcome and sense of satisfaction at creating with your hands, is the challenge. I find this especially so with knitting, probably because I always considered myself to be someone who couldn't really knit. But the last twelve months I have been changing that. Each new pattern I undertake is a learning curve and each achievement can then be built upon. There's still so much to learn. So many beautiful techniques that all stem from the simple knit and purl stitches. Many of which seem more than a little intimidating.

One such technique is knitting with double pointed needles. It seems like a difficult undertaking with only two hands and all those needles, added to the possibility of twisted stitches. So in order to overcome that fear I've started my first project knit in the round, a pair of wrist warmers, with thanks to Kate, who suggested we undertake this pattern together. After half an hour of fiddling this morning and the 'help' of a toddler, I managed to cast on, divide onto three needles and knit my first rows on double pointed needles. Feeling that sense of satisfaction indeed, and hoping at the same time that I can repeat those steps for the other half of the pair of wrist warmers...

Pattern: Toast
Yarn: Harmony

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