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As the 39 week mark approaches, I am still here knitting, reading and waiting. The back and front of the raglan sweater are finished and I've begun on the sleeve. In the past week I've made my way through 'The Slap' and 'The Seamstress.' Two rather large volumes I highly doubted I'd have time for when I picked them up from the library. (I love ordering my books online and getting a text message when they are ready to be collected at the library. Sometimes you just want to keep library visits quick with a toddler in tow.) 

I'm feeling a little emotional and frustrated about our camera today. It's funny how attached one gets to ones camera, is it not? My dear camera comes with me everywhere and is always ready at a moments notice to capture a toddler smile or an interesting cloud. Unfortunately our beloved Lumix has incredibly bad timing. The shutter button will only depress with all sorts of super human effort, making most photos blurry as a result. It has thus been taken off to the repair man, a month out of warranty, and just before the impending birth. I feel quite a bit naked without it already and I have little hope of it making it's return in time for the birth. Thank goodness for sisters cameras, though things may be quiet here on the blog until I get a chance to borrow it.

Hope all is well with you and many thanks also for all the lovely comments of late.


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