My first tomato season

AKA Tomatoes - heart breakers of the veggie patch


Tomato growers of the world concern yourself not. I shall not be removing tomatoes from my shopping list any time soon. My first season of growing tomatoes seems to have been quite a failure. My faith in my green thumb is shaken. Woe.

Dreams of organic vine ripened tomatoes and bottles of homemade preserve are not yet reality. Instead birds, mice or perhaps possums seem to have been making the most of the tomatoes with any blush of colour. After seeing Tania's post I rescued the remaining green tomatoes to ripen on the window sill. They looked lovely lined up like green soldiers on the ledge. I felt proud indeed. However, half of those tomatoes developed black spots that sunk into the fruit with time, consigning them to the compost bin. Insect, disease, wet weather, neglect in the late stages of my pregnancy? I'm not sure. I'll be doing some more research and some crop rotation for my next attempt.

Should those tomatoes remaining on the window sill ripen then I won't count it as a complete failure. A dozen homegrown tomatoes still counts as a small success, right? I'm hoping the ripening corn and watermelons will restore my green thumb faith. One day I will be sharing photos of my tomato success and beautiful bottles with you, I'm sure of it. In the meantime, I wonder if tomatoes are on sale?

Are you having more success in your garden? 
Any tomato tips?

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