Yarn Along

Yarn along

I am guilty. I decided to wind the skein of Madelinetosk into a ball one day while the children napped. Just to see what it was like. (And so Cohen wouldn't try to 'help,' as toddlers like to do.) Since they were both still napping when I finished winding I thought it couldn't hurt to cast on the shawl. Once I consulted the pattern I saw there were only two stitches to cast on. So, thought I, I may as well just start it then; conveniently putting from my mind the fact that I have been telling myself for two weeks that I would finish my other projects before beginning this one. I have no excuses. I am guilty.


A friend recently recommended 'Buddhism for Mothers' to me. She felt sure I would find elements of the book that appealed to me. I must admit I was skeptical at first, not considering myself to be spiritual and generally mentally struggling with books labeled under 'Parenting/ Spiritual.' However, rather than rejecting what I did not understand off hand, I picked up the book.

Though I haven't delved to far into the book as yet, the more I read, the more pieces of wisdom I am finding relevant. One does not need to be spiritually inclined to recognise the truth in living mindfully - meaning 'knowing what's happening at the time it's happening.' Rather than spending the day ruminating over past occurances or injustices, or thinking ahead to what's next on the to-do list, mindfulness is a reminder to take notice of the here and now. The book focuses that concept to the benefits which mindfulness can bring to yourself and your parenting. I have previously known mindfulness as a way to ground myself in the moment when my anxious brain wants to race off in the opposite direction. So it's interesting to see how a similar concept can be applied to increasing the joy felt when being with your child.

So I shall continue reading and try to keep my mind open and my defenses down. 
And guiltily knit on.


Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along.


I'd also like to acknowledge today, ANZAC day, all those who have served for Australia and continue to do so. My father and grand-father included. Our many thanks and deepest respect are with you always.

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