Two months old

My little love was two months old on Friday, though the rain clouds only cleared enough this morning to take photos. 

Emerson 2 months old

Emerson 2 months old

Emerson 2 months old

Emerson 2 months old

Cohen reading

Cohen holding Emmy

This past month I have been reminded that the web between those tiny fingers is a natural lint collector. And how little fists, in arcs of flight, magically find a wisp of hair come loose from Mama's pony tail, and then grip it as if they depended on it. So too, that babies hair is so fine and soft that you can't help but slowly run your finger tips over their little downy heads. And that little checks are so plump and kissable, and kisses make babies smile.

This past month Emerson suffered her first virus. What heartbreak a babies miserable cough, runny nose and watery eyes causes a Mama. Sleep was seldom for either of us until she was over the worse of it. Those little hands began to swipe at her toys, be they hanging from her swing or her wooden play gym. Not only are those hands good for swiping, they are good for sucking on too. A sure sign that she is getting hungry. The smiles came more often - a cheeky smile at her brother, a delighted smile at water poured over her tummy, a sleepy smile as she fed - but no real smiles for the camera yet. A sleep routine has developed that any mothering book would be proud of, though I feel I can take no credit. I simply demand feed and take her cues when she is tired and she does the rest.

Cohen is still in love with his sister, asking each day for cuddles and telling me that "Emcen and Coco friends." No doubt he is copying us, but it still never fails to make me smile when he kisses her and says "Wuv you." This morning while I took her photos, he sat in her room and went through her books, then asked, "Take picture of me and Emcen too Mama." How could I refuse?


One month old

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