'Ivy Loves Jack' Giveaway

I first discovered Bianca's 'Ivy loves Jack' store on Etsy when I was expecting Emerson. I had a Mama-feeling that this baby was a girl and made some 'just in case' purchases, in the way of three beautiful vintage baby dresses. A wonderful way to cheer myself during those nauseous days! Today the lovely Bianca is offering one lucky reader their choice of an item from her store. Be it a pair of vintage bloomers, a hand knitted sweater, or a sweet dress for your own little one. 

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment below telling us which item you would choose. For extra entries follow Bianca's blog or 'like' her facebook page and leave an extra comment. The winner will be drawn randomly on 16th May.

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am a full-time mum, part-time vintage shop owner, sewer and blogger.  It is certainly my most busy and fulfilling role to date!  Prior to becoming a mum, I was a snowboard instructor and prior to that, I worked within the education and foster care fields, specialising in child psychology.

Where can we find you?
Blog: www.ivylovesjack.blogspot.com
What is the story behind your shop name, 'Ivy loves Jack'?
Ivy and Jack are both special names in our family history.  Ivy loves Jack for me, conjures up the picture of two lovely oldies, who have lived the beauty of eras gone by and have lasted the test of time.  Just like the things that I sell now and hope to sell in the future.

What inspired to you open a vintage children's clothing store?
It is another step towards opening the ‘brick and mortar’ shop that I have dreamed of for years.  I just can’t wait to have my own space, full of vintage and handmade treasures.
What first attracted you to vintage items?
I have always loved vintage and pre-loved items, even as a child.  Our closest neighbour, my ‘Poppy Bill’, would bring me bits and pieces home from his fossicking in the local tip.  I thought my presents were such treasures even then! 
I really love the uniqueness of vintage items and think that they are just so much nicer to own than things that everyone else has, or could have.  I love the excitement of finding amazing pieces and creating a beautiful look with it.
Do you have collections of vintage pieces, like teacups, alarm clocks or knitting needles?
I have all of the above, although I don’t collect anything in particular.  Vintage for my home has always been my greatest love and I suppose I have ‘collected’ some pretty cool things over the years.  Since having my little girl, I have developed a love of old children’s things; books, toys, educational products, furniture and, of course, clothing.
Do you find yourself wanting to keep more than you sell?
I do keep much more then I sell.  I find it very hard to part with beautiful things that I know I will never find again.  I hope that people who buy my things will love them and think that they are as special as I do.
Thanks so much Bianca!

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