Thrifting sisters

I am finding that thrifting with two children presents more challenges. (Mothers who have been here before me will no doubt be nodding their heads, or perhaps laughing a little.) Navigating the nap, feeding and snack schedule's, as well as buckling and unbuckling two children from the car, makes any kind of shopping more of a mission than it was previously. 

Wearing one in a sling and chasing after the other, I've noticed that I am scanning the shelves, answering Cohen's running list of questions, juggling my finds and rocking the baby, simultaneously. This is where op-shopping with ones twin sister becomes an especially attractive invitation. Two sets of hands are indeed better than one. Thank you dear Fiona.

Vintage hangers

So it is with thanks to my sister that my romance with old coat hangers continues. No longer shall our woollen clothing be slipping from plastic hangers and be found at the bottom of the closet. And, at a dollar a bundle at the op-shop, they are cheaper as well as cuter than their plastic counterparts.

Without her second set of toddler watching eyes, I may have missed this sweet $3 vintage baby tunic. Judging from the tag I'm guessing it is from the late 70's or early 80's? I find 'Orlon' sounds more appealing than 'acrylic,' don't you?

It's a shame however that Fiona is only available weekends...

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