Larch start

Vintage childrens books



Emmy's top


Garden bed before

Garden bed progress

Seeds sprouting

KnittingAfter some issues in the gauge swatching department, of which we shall never speak of again, I have cast on for the Larch cardigan. 235 stitches. (Note to self - if the swatch has fewer stitches per inch than the pattern gauge, your stitches are larger than the pattern gauge, so try smaller sized needles...)

Finding: Children's books that belonged to my Father as a child

Finishing: The second Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief

Unpacking: The woolen blankets, as the sun sets earlier and the nights get colder

Loving: Babies in Mama made knits and Cohen's drawings of an "apple tree"

Gardening: Taming the weeds, vines and basil that grew up through the watermelon vine, turning over the garden and planting out the strawberry runners

Dreaming: About all our plans for the back yard, but making do with the existing garden beds (and fencing) in the meantime

Noticing: Tiny seedlings

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