Yarn along

Yarn along

It's raining for the first time this month. Grey clouds rolled over, and with that the light and smell of the day changed and softened. I took in two loads of washing and staked the tomatoes just as the first drops fell and Cohen called excitedly from the balcony, "It's raining!"

Now that the rest of the chores are done and the children are napping, it is time for some reading and knitting. I am thoroughly enjoying Rhonda's book, 'Down to Earth,' and am reminded of her gentle words of advice throughout the day as I knead bread dough, hand wash woolens, or weed the veggie patch. I'm making progress on the hot water bottle cozy too. It was relegated to the knitting basket when I cast on for the 'Larch' cardigan. However, since accidentally breaking the circulars, I've picked up the cozy once more. Perhaps I should refrain from buying replacement needles until the cozy is finished...

Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along.


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