Where do you find the time?


People often ask me, "When do you find the time to knit?" Sometimes the tone implies a kind of wonder, given perhaps that I have two children? Other times I'm sure I detect a hint of pride, that perhaps their lives are busier, more important, and so they themselves could not find the time to knit. Sometimes though, I wonder too. 

I'm a stay at home mother with a three and a half year old and a five month old. My days and weeks are filled with house work, child wrangling, playgroup, appointments, groceries, friends and family. I overwhelm myself at times trying to keep the cloth nappies up to date, as much home made food as possible on our plates, the house clean and tidy, suitable toddler crafts and education activities available each day, a productive veggie garden and so many other things besides. When I am knitting or reading I often experience a feeling of guilt, like there is 'something' else I should be doing. That something is quite often cleaning, as I thrive in a clean house and can't seem to think straight if the place is a mess. There is just no end to cleaning though, it is never finished.


I'm not just a mother, a cook, a cleaner. I have a creative side, an intellect, a fine arts degree, a love of books, the urge to create with my hands. A good book or a new project brings so much happiness to me. Knitting is a hobby, a way to relax and a practical skill. My current project will keep Emerson warm next Winter. So, I reward myself with time to spend knitting (or reading) and I find that time where I can. For instance, I may say to myself that once the dishes are done, the bread is in the oven and the laundry folded, I will then sit and knit for a certain amount of time. Or in the window of time after dinner and before story and bedtime, I will try to sneak in a few rows. Sometimes throughout the day if Cohen is playing happily and independently, building Lego or drawing, I will supervise, chat with him about what he is doing and knit another few rows.

Once Cohen is in bed Dave and I usually watch an episode or two of our current favourite series. Our likes are diverse, from Spartacus to River Monsters, Entourage to Mad Men. At this time in the evening I curl up on the couch with my husband and my cat and knit until bedtime. If I'm learning a new technique or need to concentrate, I will retreat to the bedroom or stay up a little later than anyone else, so as to have the house, and the peace and quiet, to myself. I've found that sitting in the passenger seat as Dave drives is the perfect time to add a row or two to a baby blanket that I always have on the needles.

It's not always like this. Some days we are on the go without stop. Sometimes I have an unsettled baby in my arms or on my lap all day. Sometimes there isn't time for everything. Some days I don't get to knit a stitch, and that's all right too.

So, I think my answer is that we all find time in our lives for the things that we enjoy or that are important to us, whatever they may be.

How would you answer? Are there things that you make time for, no matter what?
I would love to know when other knitters fit in their knitting time.


(As to why I knit, these two podcasts go some way towards answering. Perfect listening for next time you are knitting, I promise.)

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