'Sculpture is Everything'

Gummo IV
Gummo IV Lara Favaretto

inner tube sculpture 1
 Wolken (Clouds) Michael Sailstorfer

inner tube sculpture 2

Balmarra Alan Griffiths

yam sculpture
Wanydjalpi (Yam sculpture) Elizabeth Djuttara

yam sculpture 2

Henri Donno 1
Glass Vehicles Heri Dono

Henri Donno 2

Fiona Hall's interactive children's artwork Fly Away Home and Pooja (Loot) Simryn Gill

Phoenix, Indian blue peacock (Pavo Cristatus) Louise Weaver

I took photos of some of my favourite pieces from the 'Sculpture is Everything' exhibition we visited at the Gallery of Modern Arts on the weekend. I quite often find myself drawn to those pieces with a craft element to them. I love the blurring of boundaries between what is traditionally considered 'art' or 'craft.' A combination of two of my great loves. I enjoy spotting knitting and crochet in art galleries, like the taxidermy peacock with a crochet 'skin.'

I have found that Cohen is more interested in sculpture than painting. He ran to some exhibits, fascinated by them at length and circling them up close. The kinetic sculptures brought him the most joy.  He also lead the way to the Children's Art Center where we made our third bird at the Fly Away Home exhibition (which is free and runs until the 7th October.) Named "Sarah" by Cohen, our bird found it's home in an empty niche in a wall full of down lit birds. Cohen dictated the other information to be added to the tag. Under heading 'diet' Cohen requested I write "scissors." For 'behaviour' I dutifully wrote, "drinks milk in nest." For 'other interesting facts' Cohen advised, "also eats chips." 

How wonderful, the imagination of children.

When do you last visit an art gallery or museum?
Who is one of your favourite artists? 
Do you prefer painting, sculpture or something else?

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