Yarn Along

yarn along

I think I have spent as much time undoing my knitting this week, as I have actually knitting. I slowly made my way back to where I had overlooked a row of the cable pattern on one side of the cozy. The pain of this venture subsided by the time I had finished knitting the shaping of the neck. The 3 x 3 ribbing begins.

I am now reading October's book club book, Year of Wonders, by Geraldine Brooks. Having read 59 of the 304 pages, I find myself absorbed by the protagonist and the historical and geographical setting of the novel. I was interested to note that it appears 98th in a list of the 100 best books of the decade (2000 - 2009) on Good Reads. My new favourite book, The Book Thief, comes in at number 11 and . 

Are any of your favourites on the list?
Any books you would recommend for a book club?
What are your current favourite reads?


Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along.

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