Yarn Along

Yarn Along

As usual I have surrounded myself with knitting, books and gardening this past week. I cast off the cozy on the weekend and look forward to blocking it one warm day soon. Then I shall (nervously) choose some buttons before delivering it to it's new owner. I am going on with the Camilla Babe sweater for Emerson now.
"The real point of a garden is to increase the value of our lives. It gives us the best chance we have of fitting ourselves back into a world that cities make us forget. A garden locks you into the slow inevitable rolling out of the season, cycles of growth and decay, the lengthening of fays and shortening of shadows.  
A garden gives you pleasure, instills calm, grafts patience into your soul. Gardening slows you down, masks worries, puts them in proportion. A garden teaches you to be observant and how to look at things. You become less inclined to leap to quick conclusions. A garden hones your senses." page 77-78, The Curious GardenerAnna Pavord

These paragraphs make me wonder if Anna Pavord is a knitter as well as a gardener? I see many parallels between the two, don't you? I picked up this book from the library whilst looking for something else. Despite it being a large print edition, which makes my eyes feel strange, I am enjoying it. It's a light hearted, humorous collection of gardening essays that follow the months. It is an English book, so much of the information isn't relevant to me as an Australian gardener. However, Anna's charming writing on topics like what to wear in the garden has won me over enough that I am happy to skim and flick to the parts of the book that interest, or are helpful, to me. Reading these sort of gardening memoirs is a new and delightful discovery for me.
What are you currently reading or creating?


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