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I find working at home as a jeweller, while being a stay at home Mum with two little ones, quite difficult. Especially since my work requires sharp tools, fire, acid and extended periods of concentration. Finding the time to spend at the bench is a struggle. Between mothering, house work, the garden and all the other demands of daily life, a dose of teething baby and sleep deprivation too, I've hardly set saw to silver since Emerson's birth. But I am trying to carve out more time for my jewellery again. Once both my little ones are in school I intend to work from home each day. Until then I'd like to make a little room for this part of my creative side again. I'd like to finish up the commissions I have now and get back to making a few things for the shop. I have pearls from South Australia and cut stones from Africa that I am keen to work with. So the first step today is sorting, rearranging and de-cluttering my studio to make it a more workable space. Little by little I know I will get there.

I best get back to work while I have a toddler playing contentedly and a sleeping baby. Rather than share photo's of the sorting chaos, here's a little of what is happening upstairs.


1 & 2. Coriander picked from the garden. I've never seen it in flower before, the flowers are sweet and delicate.
3. Our six cherry tomato plants are quite the prolific producers. We have been sharing the fruit with our friends and neighbours, as well as eating them cut in half, sprinkled with olive oil, salt and pepper and placed under the grill under they start to colour. Yum!
4. New seeds - daisy, rocket, pumpkin, beetroot and more cherry tomatoes - and a date with my garden planned this weekend.

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